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The commitment to quality electric services in the Greater Boston area was a venture the McDonald family launched many years back when Phil McDonald, grandfather of current company manager Ed McDonald, established the family business. After a hiatus from the construction industry, Ed has compiled a hard-working, efficient and responsible team, dedicated to the same principles on which McDonald Electric was originally built.

We know the frustrations that many have experienced when working within the construction industry and we promise to dispel those fears. We assure timely and thoughtful responses to all customer inquiries. We also are proud of our reputation for tidiness and organization during our projects. It is our goal to leave your home as clean, if not cleaner than we first found it. We understand that a major household project is already a disruption to your home and family and we want to help minimize that upheaval.

As professionals, our main concern is making sure the job is done right and that our clients are satisfied with our work and their experience with McDonald Electric. We understand that at the end of the day, it is the quality of our work, the integrity of our labor, and the fairness of our prices that will speak for McDonald Electric. These values and our commitment to efficiency without sacrificing the time it takes to produce great work is our promise to our growing customer base.

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